Landon Tyler – Four Months


Memories from four months:

Weight: My best guess is 14 lbs.  We will update after our dr appt this week.

Length: Another guess….23 inches.  We will update after our dr appt this week.

Hair: Hair is starting to turn a little blonde.  We would love for him to grow more!

Eyes: Crossing our fingers tightly they stay blue…


Clothes: Still hanging on to some 3 mos but the sleeves are starting to be too short.  His poor short legs could stay in 3 mos longer, so we may be working with some mixed options for awhile.  I feel so silly on clothing and sometimes it makes me a little crazy to make sure he wears everything once.  His 6 mos clothing is a mix of winter and a few short sleeves, so we will be figuring out what he is missing once it gets a little warmer.

Diapers: Size 2

Sleeping: Baby steps forward and then leaps back…  Landon takes 3-4 naps a day at school.  Our sweet guy likes to trick us by sleeping through the night and then waking up all.the.time.  He is fairly consistently waking up once a night to eat.  We tried to outsmart him and feed him more before bed…it doesn’t work.  This past week has been a bit different.  He has been coming home after school and falls asleep between 5-7PM and doesn’t wake up until 10PM or 2 AM.  I have a (groan) feeling we will have a rough 18 week mark with lots of feeding.   We think we are at the point of graduating from swaddling too.  This is great and makes me sad all at the same time.  Let’s hope for some better nights through the 4 mos mark!

Likes: His dad’s funny voices, drooling, anything with music, everything in his mouth, bath time, and TOYS.  He has really started to grab on to his rings, toys on the swing, and loves his little caterpillar rattle.

Dislikes: being sleepy, waking up too soon from a nap (tired = meltdown), slowing down/stopping in the car

Eating: Daycare says he is happiest with 5 oz each feeding at school, so we are continuing to supplement with 3 feedings a day there.  He gets 3-4 feedings at home a day outside of school.  We are hopeful that number can move to 3 – which means he is sleeping through the night!


Milestones: Smiling for days.  We adore him reacting to us.  He is starting to jabber away and his high pitched squeaks are really sweet.  He is starting to laugh, but isn’t consistent.  We are hoping for lots of laughs this month since it is so addicting!  He has really started to reach for toys and play with them.  He is also doing well sitting up in the bumbo.  We think he is getting a tooth, but it is one of his side teeth so we call him Dracula.  We have conquered 4 weeks of daycare/back to work and it is going well.

Mom’s favorites: Ummm…everything.  It’s so hard to choose because he is interacting now and so much fun to hang out with.  My favorite this month has been watching him and T together.  They are two peas in a pod – and look like twins – so it is fun to watch them have the same expressions.


Baby items we can’t live without: Burp cloths…in every room.  This boy is starting to spit up more and we are using and washing them often.  We have also been using the bibs more, as this sweet boy is a slobbering mess.  We have also used the stroller more each weekend and he is loving our walks.

We are so excited to see what month four brings for our sweet boy!  We have our first Easter celebrations with the Roe and Schwada family and we are also planning a little family getaway to celebrate my birthday.  We love you, Landon!

Some of our fave photos this month:

DSC_0687 DSC_0690 DSC_0695 DSC_0742IMG_2696 IMG_2698 IMG_2705 IMG_2718 IMG_2722 IMG_2725 IMG_2726                   IMG_2727 IMG_2729 IMG_2742 IMG_2744


March…and it’s over

Can we hit rewind?

March has been filled with many things, none of which have documented photos….unless you count the 536,738 pics I post of my kid every second on social media.  Here is what we have been up to….

  • Surviving.  Whew…..  We are starting to figure out this working mom routine and I’m quite proud of our little family.  We may have house projects hanging over our head, but we’ve chosen to ignore them and just figure out “us” and this new world we live in.
  • Landon is doing well at school/daycare and seems to really like it.  His 4 month (insert high fives and tears simultaneously) post should be up this week.
  • Looking forward to every weekend.  We have stayed home and spent a lot of time as our family of 3.  We can’t get enough.  Monday-Friday is for the birds.
  • Getting some miles on the stroller.  Landon is doing well on our family weekend walks….except that one time that I had a great idea not to use the infant seat on a 4 mile walk.  Let’s just say his “facing front” stroller rides will be kept short and our backs and arms will thank us.
  • I attended one of my co-worker’s bridal showers.  Looking forward to her wedding (and a date night) in May!
  • Watching my husband be a dad.  There really isn’t anything I would rather do.  Since day one, he has been amazing and from the day I have been back to work he has done more of the “getting up at night”.  He is a blessing and love him more every day.  Landon adores him too and I have to laugh at their twin expressions constantly.
  • My mom and I went with my sister to look for a wedding dress and she found THE ONE!  So so excited and wish I could share a photo, but we will have to patiently wait until November for the big reveal.  She looks amazing….that is your only teaser.

Cheers to a great month.  So excited for spring and getting Landon outside!

Stay crazy, friends.

Landon Tyler – Three Months


Memories from three months:

Weight: He didn’t weigh at the dr this month.  I am guessing he is 12-13 lb.

Length: I could be wrong, but I don’t think he has grown much in length.  We will keep it at 21 1/2 and check at his appt in March.

Hair: Hair is still dark and starting to get a little fuzzy.  The cradle cap is still sticking around.  Hoping for that to end soon!

Eyes: Still not 100% sure.  I’m going to stick with blue.

Clothes: 3 mos and 3-6 mos.  My sister came over and washed all of his 6-9 mos clothes to get them ready.  He should be in them very soon!

Diapers: Size 2.  Movin’ on up.

Sleeping: We were doing so well with 6 hr spans and then 12 weeks hit.  He started waking up to eat twice a night like clockwork.  This conveniently was the same week mom returned to work.  Good times.  Like magic, he slept through the night on the eve of his 3 mos!!  We are hoping that continues.

Likes: To be held all.the.time, his bouncy seat and toys that light up/have music, watching TV (the proper moms will probably cringe)

Dislikes: Stopping eating to burp, cleaning his face in any way, slowing down/stopping in the car

Eating: Nursing is still going well, but we have had to figure out a new routine with daycare.  They just requested that he get 4 oz each feeding, so we are supplementing.  We will see how this goes!

Milestones: He is still my smiley baby.  We adore his smiles and can’t wait for them every day.  He has started reaching more for his toys in the bouncy or on the floor.  He is doing really well with his crib at night and we are hoping he starts to do well for naps this month (maybe daycare will train him!).  He started daycare on 2.23.15, after staying a partial week at home with Tyler.  The first day was a little rough, but he is learning the routine and doing well.

Mom’s favorites: This week I have picked him up at daycare.  As soon as he hears my voice, he will turn his head and smile.  It melts me every day.  His eyelashes are starting to grow and thicken.  Love them!

Baby items we can’t live without: The bouncy seat.  It has been a lifesaver this week with crazy work mornings and in the evening when dinner is being prepped.

DSC_0671We can’t believe how much our little guy is changing.  All of the daycare staff comment on how “tiny” he is, but we think he is big!  We can’t imagine life without him….our sweet boy!

A few favorite photos from this month:

DSC_0649 DSC_0655

Grandma Kathy (on her birthday 2.7.15) and Landon DSC_0658

Brynzlee and Landon DSC_0666

IMG_0016 IMG_2562 IMG_2575 IMG_2582 IMG_2583

Georgia & Landon


IMG_2595 IMG_2604 IMG_2612

Brynzlee & LandonIMG_2625 IMG_2627 IMG_2632 IMG_2638 IMG_2643

Landon & Dad   

IMG_2645 IMG_2650 IMG_2659Landon’s 1st day of daycare 2.23.15 IMG_2661-001 Landon & Mom

Stay crazy, friends.

My TOP maternity leave lessons….

Well, hello there abandoned blog.  I’m back today with the list I’ve had in my head for awhile and wanted to look back and remember.

So, without further adieu….my TOP lessons learned on maternity leave…

1. One week(ish) of your 12 weeks is spent in the hospital.  This seems crazy, but also necessary to recover from surgery and get the hang of your newborn.  Before delivering Landon, I never really thought that I would be seeing a week vanish before my eyes before we had him home.

2. Driving home from the hospital will be one of the most surreal experiences of your life.  “YES, we’re going home…BUT we’re bringing another human home with us.”  I will always cherish that ride home.  We were finally a family of three outside of the hospital and so ready to spend time on the couch together.

3. You will be so thankful for your husband and he will drive you batshit crazy all in the same 30 seconds.  Ultimately, the thankfulness prevails…thank goodness.

4. I’ve never run a marathon, but I imagine that nursing goes along with the same concepts.  Once you have the hang of it, it has been WEEKS and you are EXHAUSTED but the victory will be one of the proudest times of your life.

5. All of the baby gear that you didn’t want in your house will somehow end up there….and it will save your ever-loving mind on those days when you want to curl up in a ball and cry.

6. All of those pounds that you wished away will come off, but the after effects are much different than your “before body”.  Yoga pants are your friend.

7. Taking a shower will be like an obstacle course and when you visit family, you will be so excited to take a shower for as long as you want while they spoil your little guy.

8. You will get teased endlessly for your strategic OCD placement of pacifiers throughout your house, but you will be thanked when you know where one is at 2 AM while sleep walking.

9. The texts/visits/phone calls from family and friends of love and encouragement mean the world to you from before your little guy was born straight though all the ups and downs of leave.  I am vowing to remember this for my family and friends.

10.  It will be the dumbest idea you’ve ever had to not plan the birth of your newborn around your husband’s busy season, but you will get through it…..even if it means crying in the Starbucks drive-thru on Christmas Eve.

11.  Those that bring you meals….they are saints.

12. The last day of maternity leave is so bitter sweet.  You will cry and hold your little guy more than you should – even through naps, but it will be your last cherished memories of that time.

We are all back to work at this point…and sleepy.  Landon is enjoying his first full week of daycare and I’m hoping they sleep train him like a soldier.  ha!

Stay crazy, friends.

Landon Tyler – Two Months

Another month has come and our little guy is doing well.  This month was filled with lots of rest and staying home.  We all enjoyed it!  Landon also had his first cold and his first round of shots.  As nervous as we were for the shots, he was fine after a bottle.  Whew!  Not looking forward to the next round.


Memories from two months:

Weight: At his two month checkup this week he weighed in at a whopping 10 lb. 2 oz, but his height is the exact same as birth.

Length: 21 1/2 in.  Poor short little buddy.  I can’t say I’m shocked he is in the 5th percentile for height.  Welcome to our world.

Hair: Hair is still dark and continuing to grow.  He has a small cradle cap issue that we are hoping clears up soon!

Eyes: I’m still hopeful they stay blue.  Tyler thinks they are changing.  We will see!

Clothes: All of a sudden this month, the newborns were a bit tight and the sleeves were too short.  Why is it so hard to pack them up???  He is wearing 0-3 and 3 months.  The 3 month pants are still a bit long.

Diapers: Size 1.

Sleeping: Sleeping has taken on a whole new meaning this month.  We started out pretty good and then hit a slump with a head cold.  We have been up 2-3 times a night.  The worst night, we were up every two hours.  Mom and Dad are tired!!  We are hoping we can start a better routine soon and get back to the 4-5 hour nights at minimum. Last night, we kept him up until 10 and he went for 6 hours.  Bless him.

Likes: These are all the same from last month. Being held all.the.time, being snuggled up in blankets, being held upright with his head tucked under your chin, and his dad’s professional swaddle.  A few new items…. The Moby.  My in-laws gifted me with it at Christmas and we all love it!  We are also using the Lullaby Pandora station and little man will quiet down with  some music.

Dislikes: Wet/dirty diapers, stopping feeding to burp, and bright lights.

Eating: We had a feeding frenzy at 6 weeks where it seemed he was eating every hour, but otherwise he will go 2.5-3 hours and usually a little longer at night.

Milestones: Smiling. He has melted our hearts.  He will also respond to “ahhhh” with trying to talk.  He will open is mouth really wide and let out a little squeek.  He is also more alert everyday and starting to show his personality.  He is feeding like a champ – nursing and bottles.  We aren’t heating the bottles and he doesn’t mind a bit.  I’m hopeful this will help us to transition to daycare easily.

Mom’s favorites: Of course I love that gummy smile and how he will recognize my voice.  He is the best at snuggling and I savor these moments with him as I know he won’t want to forever.

Baby items we can’t live without: The moby.  It has saved me more than once this month.  I also broke down and got a bouncy seat.  He isn’t in love with it yet, but getting there.  The rock-n-play didn’t allow him to sit up as much as he has wanted to, so we are hoping the bouncy seat does the trick.

We adore our little guy and hope this month goes as slow as possible before maternity leave is over.  We have lots to do to prep him and his supplies for school.


A few fave photos from this month…

IMG_2501 IMG_2553 IMG_2513 IMG_2519 IMG_2533 IMG_2539 IMG_2549 IMG_2550IMG_2545

Stay crazy, friends.

Life in January

Our month of January has been filled with loving on our boy.  The days of “nothing” fly by and I am not jealous of the stay at home moms.  I really don’t know how they do it.  I am doing really well to keep my hair out of a ponytail and get in real clothes.  Who knew a run to the grocery store without your husband could seem so hard?!?  I know I will laugh at myself in a few years with a toddler.  But…with this sweet face…I just can’t resist him.


Landon – 7 weeks

Last weekend, we took Landon’s first trip to my grandma’s house.  He met his great Aunt Donna & Sonja.  DSC_0587

Cousins – Dylan, Landon & Jacob


Dylan & Landon DSC_0595

4 generations – Amy, Landon, Grandma Kathy, and Great-Grandma Betty.  These ladies are true examples of amazing mothers.


My sweet handsome. DSC_0605 This is the 3rd time Grandma has held Landon.  I just adore this photo of her.

Stay crazy, friends.

Christmas with the Jones Fam

We celebrated Christmas with the Jones side the weekend after New Years.  We took Landon’s first long car ride to Wisconsin (and I tried not to notice the cars sliding off the road).  Let’s just say the weather could have been better, but we made it!


Our sweet little santaDSC_0572

cousins – Kaden, Landon & IanDSC_0575

Brenda & Jim with the boys

DSC_0583Jones Family Christmas 2014

Stay crazy, friends.

2014 – Year in Review

This is my absolute favorite post  of the year and I am very late in posting.  Better late than never!


I had big plans for the year and begin a photo of the day.  It didn’t last long, but had good intentions.

We started off the year in Wisconsin for Christmas with the Jones fam. This was also the trip that we drove home in white out conditions in our new truck.  We vowed to never take that risk again!


Our honeymoon was also in January and we enjoyed every part of Mexico!



Enjoyed my first Val’s day with my husband!


We took a trip to Decatur for mom’s birthday and endured more awful winter weather.  Work also picked up in February and I worked some long hours to open some local stores for my client.


We took a trip to Wisconsin to redeem our quick trip at Christmas.  Tyler and I also worked a lot around the house to get base done in our bedroom for new furniture!  Our new bedroom suite is gorgeous and we love it.


April 2nd will forever be the day that changed our family from 2 to 3.  We found out that we were pregnant!  This kicked off a month of dr appointments and a few uneasy moments.

My birthday on 4/15 was fairly uneventful.  We were still holding a secret that we were expecting!  We shared the news with immediate family at Easter since we were able to see the Jones side.

We reflected on another year of that awful day in April – 4/23.  No words can express how much we miss Robert.


We missed Brynzlee’s 1st birthday party, but we were able to see photos.  We love our girl!


Tyler and I took a week off together at the beginning of May.  We visited our friends Mike and Tabitha and enjoyed Cincinnati.


We finished up that trip in Indy and told Nathan and Kristin that we were expecting on Cinco de Mayo.  No margs for the preggo!

We continued telling friends and family our news through the month of May.  I blame the lack of posts on the first trimester.  I spent a majority of it sleeping.


We took a trip to Dallas to visit with the Jones side and spent many weekends at home working on items around the house.


We started off the month on the lake in Wisconsin with the Kagerbauers.  Lots of lake and family time!


We also celebrated my grandma’s birthday and the Jones came in to stay with us for the Schwada reunion.  So busy!

Our 20 week ultrasound resulted in a big scare and our stubborn boy wouldn’t cooperate for the scan so we found out he was a BOY at our 22 week ultrasound.


We stayed home…and it was glorious.  Tyler and I tackled some outdoor projects in the heat.

photo 7


We went to Indy to help my brother and SIL move into their temporary home while their house was being built.

My dr ordered an ultrasound at 30 weeks to check on the concerns from the 20 week.  We were given the all clear.  It was an answered prayer.

The 3rd trimester hit and I spent a lot of time with my feet up since swelling was out of control.

3rd trimester

The month ended with an adorable baby shower for us thrown by my sister, SIL, and mom.  So thankful and it was a lot of fun!



We started the month off in Dallas on vacation.  It was filled with REST, shopping, and some sight seeing.  We had fun!

We cleaned out the guest room when we got home to turn it into a nursery.  The painting of the crib started and took several weeks to finish.

We celebrated Tyler’s birthday at his grandparents house with a nice lunch.

We took an entire weekend for Landon with an all day prep class at the hospital and a tour of L&D.


The beginning of the month was filled with dr appointments and my obsession to turn our breech baby.  If I could take the time back, I would have spent less time going crazy and more time resting with T.

Our 1st anniversary was on 11/23.  It wasn’t spent doing anything romantic.  My poor husband!  I owe him BIG in year two!

The best day of this year fell on 11/26.  Our sweet Landon Tyler was born and changed our lives forever.  He made us a mom and dad.  We absolutely adore him.


We had a whirlwind in December with getting used to our new “normal”.  Tyler was home with us for a week and then my mom came to stay and spoiled us with dinner and cleaning.

We held Christmas day at our house and then went to the Roe side for Christmas the last weekend of December.  We were able to introduce Landon to all of the family that he hadn’t met yet.

Landon turned one month old on 12/26.  The month flew by!


We said last year that 2013 would be hard to top, but 2014 did just that.  We pray that 2015 allows us to slow down and enjoy every moment with Landon, family and friends.  We look forward to what this year brings!

Stay crazy, friends.

Christmas 2014

Tyler’s work schedule made it easier for us to stay home on Christmas Day again this year.

My mom, grandma, sister, and Bill came to STL for the day. It was pretty low key – which was fine by us!

DSC_0519Grandma B & Landon

DSC_0522Aunt Erin & Landon

The weekend after Christmas, Mom hosted our family Christmas in Decatur. This was the first time many of my family met Landon. We had fun sharing our boy and spending time with family.

We kept this year fairly low-key for Landon too. We are hoping he will be fun next year – more than likely eating paper and bows!

DSC_0529Laury & Landon




Erin, Brynzlee, Melissa & Landon

DSC_0539Aunt Donna, Uncle Ryan & Landon


Aunt Erin with her niece & nephews

 DSC_0544Bryn loving on Landon

DSC_0548Bryn, Landon, Erin & BillDSC_0551Jacob DSC_0552Dylan DSC_0555Kristin, Nathan & BrynDSC_0558Mom opening her Roadster ProDSC_0559Grandma opening her blanket IMG_7768Me and my Santa Baby (Landon) IMG_7797Grandma Kathy and all of her grandkids IMG_7807

Grandma B & Landon


Jacob & Landon

Brynzlee & Landon

Grandma Kathy & Landon (LOVE this pic of my mom!)

Stay crazy, friends.

Landon’s Birth Story – Part Three

Part One and Part Two if you need to catch up!

The first evening in the hospital, my mom left to go to family Thanksgiving and my sister came to the hospital with Bill.  We had a fun time visiting with them and introducing them to our boy.

DSC_0463Amy, Landon, & Aunt Erin

DSC_0461Landon & Aunt Erin

DSC_0462Bill, Landon, & Erin

Our first night in the hospital was not restful. I was still on an IV and a machine on my legs to try to avoid blood clots.  The nurse came in every 2-3 hours to check vitals and check all the machines.  Needless to say, the next day wasn’t as fun as I anticipated.

Thanksgiving morning was our first full day in the hospital.  I thought we would be snuggling our boy and watching the parade.  We didn’t sleep more than a couple of hours and I felt like I hadn’t slept in a week after being restless before the surgery. We were also trying to get to know Landon and we had no idea what his cries meant yet.  I was taken off of all of my machines and they let me stand up for the first time.  I had heard it was going to hurt…bad!  It wasn’t pleasant, but it really wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.  I chalk that up to drugs.  They were good to me. ha!  My only goals that day were to hold/feed by sweet baby and to take a shower.  Neither went well.  By the end of the day and the nurse shift change, I was beside myself.  My night nurse came in and tried to help me with nursing.  Landon was screaming, I was exhausted, and I ugly cried.  It was embarrassing, but so necessary.  Little did I know that this nurse (who I will call “M”) would become our angel for the stay.  She let me cry, took Landon to the nursery, and gently demanded that we get some sleep.

The next day was Black Friday and after getting some sleep in between feedings I felt like a new person – still exhausted – but so much better than Thurs evening.  I got up and had my first shower and Tyler called his parents and sister letting them know that we were ready for some visitors.  They brought us Starbucks (amazing!) and met our sweet boy.  We had fun sharing Landon and getting lots of photos.

DSC_0465Grandma Brenda & Landon

DSC_0471Grandpa Jim & Landon

DSC_0477Aunt Jen & Landon

DSC_0480Landon, Tyler, & Jim

DSC_0481Landon, Tyler, Brenda, & Jim

DSC_0482Landon, Tyler, & Brenda

DSC_0483Landon, Tyler, Jen & Ian

DSC_0485Ian meeting his new cousin


Jim, Tyler, Landon, Jen & Brenda

Friday evening, M walked into our room at shift change.  I was so surprised to see her again, as we hadn’t had a repeat nurse yet.  I apologized for the prior night, and she let it roll off her back.  She complimented T on his patience and participation.  She said most guys run! ha!  I have a keeper.  She asked how feeding/lactation went that day and I told her I was still frustrated.  Their suggestions seemed to be really hard.  She suggested a shield and said I had to tell them I wanted one.  I had no idea! She even went to lactation and told her to give me a shield.  So thankful for her, as I really think she was my saving grace in sanity and in getting Landon to nurse.  She also mentioned that she would be in the next night too and we could request her.  Done and done.

Saturday, my sweet friend Anne came to visit.  We were able to catch up with her and she showered us with gifts and helpful hints.  Love her!  Tyler got out for a little bit this day and ran to get a giftcard for M.  I wanted to give her a small token of our appreciation for how helpful she was.  We were mentally ready to go home and I think we could have been released if we wanted, but I wanted to get as much help with lactation as I could and it was nice to have the nursery to get some extra zzz’s.  Saturday evening when M walked in, we gave her a card and told her how excited we were to go home the next day.  She continued to be an angel that night.  It got to a point where I used my call button and she knew exactly what I needed without even asking.  It was heaven.  We said our goodbyes to her the next morning and promised to keep in touch.  Without her, I know that we could have had a much less personal experience.  She was a God send!!


Sunday, we woke up and packed up all of our items.  We were discharged around 11 AM and home on the couch with a fire and the lit Christmas tree (plus Packer football) by noon.


DSC_0501Excited to go home!

Overall, I psyched myself out over the whole process and the parts that I thought would be awful weren’t bad (even dare I say easy?!?).  There were also parts that I didn’t expect to be hard, and they were the worst portion of the experience.  Landon is more than we could have ever asked for and we hope he keeps the patience of his dad and not his mom.  ha!  We know that pregnancy and parenthood is a gift and a blessing.  We are thankful to God for our blessing in Landon and pray that we can be half of the example our parents have been for us.

We love you, Landon!


Stay crazy, friends.