Maverick Turner – Five Months

Memories at 5 months:

Weight: 12 lbs. 2 oz – Guesstimate.  We will check at your 6 mos appt.

Length: 25 inches – Guesstimate.  We will check at your 6 mos appt.

Hair: Still fluffy blond hairs and it is growing.

Eyes: The blue is sticking around – we are happy!

Clothes: You are all over the place.  3 mos pants fit best, but in 3-6 mos clothes and 6 mos sleepers

Diapers: Size 1 – squeezing.  Trying to use them all up.

Sleeping:  I hope I don’t curse us…but you are amazing.  Even with two little teeth on their way in you are sleeping 11-12 hrs at night

Likes: Being social – you love all the attention.  You love kisses on your cheek and are so ticklish.  It just makes you giggle!

Dislikes: Mostly the car, but you’ve also started fighting sleep and it is such a sad cry.

Eating: 5 ounces 5 x’s a day plus cereal, fruit, and veggies.  We are introducing the veggies a little slower because Mom thinks she can make your food.  She probably just needs to buy it.  No more nursing.  5 months is when we quit with Landon and it just felt right to stop.  No regrets and you were ready for all bottles.

Milestones: Sitting up (assisted) in the jumper and in the bumbo.  Not interested in rolling yet but strong enough to.

Mom’s favorites: You are my happy giggly sweet boy.  Love it!

Baby items we can’t live without: Pacifiers – all the day long.

5 months….that month flew by!  We love spending all our free time with you and seeing your teachers at school love on you.  You are just so happy (unless you are hungry or tired – but we don’t blame you) and everyone has gotten so attached.  Landon is trying to feed you when he sees a bottle and he will share his toys with you too.  You are getting your bottom teeth and we expected loss of sleep and super cranky – but you are just the opposite.  We just adore you and can’t wait to see what another month brings.

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