Maverick Turner – 4 Months

Memories at 4 months:

Weight: 11 lbs. 12 oz – 0 percentile

Length: 24.5 inches. 11th percentile

Hair: I just noticed that you are getting more blond hairs popping through.  My guess is that you will have sandy blond hair like Landon.

Eyes: The blue is sticking around – we are happy!

Clothes: 0-3 fits best but you are in 3 mos too

Diapers: Size 1

Sleeping:  Still doing so well at night.  Occasionally you sleep through the night, but it all depends on your naps at school.  They have been terrible lately.  We would love to see you get an hour nap at school

Likes: Bouncy seat toys, Landon, “Boo”, and anyone who gives you attention

Dislikes: Nothing has changed – Still hating your bath and being in the car

Eating: 4.5-5 ounces at daycare and you are still nursing like a champ at home.  Mom would love to quit, but just can’t yet…

Milestones: You had a trip to Springfield, IL to go to the memory walk for your cousin, Kendyn.  You were also baptized and had so many family members travel to share in your day.  You are holding your head up so well and loving your toys.  We need to start working on rolling over!

Mom’s favorites: You are just always happy – something that I hope you never lose.

Baby items we can’t live without: Swaddle and warm onesies – you are always cold.

You are 4 months and are still so tiny!  We just love seeing you change, grow, and recognize your family and sweet teachers.  You get all the compliments from school and they just love you.  We adore you too – sweet boy!

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