Maverick Turner – 3 Months

Memories at 3 months:

Weight: 9.5 lbs. Guessing you are staying about the same. We will find out at your 4 mo check up.

Length: 23 inches. Sticking with this again, although you do seem longer

Hair: Lighting up and falling out a little bit. Pretty sure your crazy dark ear lobe hair is gone too.

Eyes: Hoping for blue but too soon to tell.

Clothes: 0-3 fits best but you are in 3 mos too

Diapers: Size 1

Sleeping:  You are a champion 6-8 hrs every night and you pulled one 12 hr last night. Amazing. Mommy only hopes that you get used to napping at school and are awake more in the evening. This week you have been falling asleep between 5-6 PM for the night.

Likes: Smiling, looking at familiar photos on the wall and you found the tv this month

Dislikes: Still hating your bath and being in the car

Eating: 4 oz every 3 hrs at daycare – longer at night if you stay asleep. You are nursing like a champ! Mommy is ecstatic!

Milestones: Started daycare and so far so good. You are loving it and mommy misses you so much! You also started giggling. We figured out you are SO ticklish! You met your great Grandma and Grandpa Schwada. Grandma Kathy also came to keep you for a few days and you loved having here here!

Mom’s favorites: Your sweet giggles, smiles, and snuggles.

Baby items we can’t live without: all the pacifiers and the boppy

You are 3 mos and seem like such a little laid back man. You are the best sleeper and Mommy and Daddy just love your snuggles! Landon mostly ignores you, but he did give you your pacifier this week and it was so sweet. He is going to take good care of you. We adore you, Maverick!

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