Maverick Turner – 2 Months

Memories at 2 months:

Weight: 9.5 lbs. not even on the charts for weight. We have our work cut out for us to bulk you up.

Length: 23 inches. About the 40th percentile.

Hair: Still dark and growing! You may have one spot that looks a little thinned on the back of your head.

Eyes: Hoping for blue but too soon to tell. 

Clothes: Newborns are snug in the length and short on the arms. We are pushing the 0-3 and 3 mos. You always pull your legs out of them. You still LOVE warmth so I’m struggling to get your summer clothes worn.

Diapers: Size 1 

Sleeping:  We worked hard on crib training this month, but still have some work to do on naps. You are sleeping 4-6 hrs at night with a bigger feeding at 10 PM.

Likes: Warm cuddles, outside, bottles, smiling

Dislikes: Being cold (air conditioning, baths, etc), wet/dirty diapers

Eating: 2.5-3 oz every 3 hrs – longer at night if you stay asleep. Still working on nursing, but mostly bottles and very little formula. Yay!

Milestones: Smiling – moms fave!, two trips to IL for Reagan’s baptism and for mom to babysit Reagan while her mom and dad went back to school, sleeping in your crib, spending time with the Jones fam and meeting Aunt Jen, Kaden and Ian
Mom’s favorites: Your personality is starting to show and I’m reminded that it is so hard to go back to work. You are such a laid back baby.

Baby items we can’t live without: soft blankets and the Moby.

Another month has flown by and we have loved every minute with you.  We’ve shared you with lots of family this month and you are so easy going – except that car ride to IL with mom and Landon. You screamed for a good part of it – but we made it! Mommy is cherishing all the days that remain with you at home until you start daycare. We love you to pieces!


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