Maverick Turner – One Month

Memories at 1 month:
Weight: 7lb 8 oz at your two week appointment. I’m going to guess 8 lb. 
Length: 20 inches
Hair: Dark and has grown a lot this month. Plus, your eyelashes filled out too.

Eyes: Hoping for blue but too soon to tell. 
Clothes: Newborns still fit, but we are trying to get you wearing your summer 0-3 and 3 mos clothes. You prefer sleepers because you like to be snuggled and warm in this A/C house. 

Diapers: Just finished up our newborns and put you in Size 1. They are a little big. 
Sleeping:  Still sleeping in the bassinet in Mom and Dad’s bed. Landon never got away with this!  You will sleep a 6 hr span at night and we hope it stays this way and gets even better. 

Likes: Snuggles, Mom – you quiet down immediately, pacifiers, swaddles, eating
Dislikes: Waiting on sleep or food. You want what you want when you want it!

Eating: 2 oz every 3 hrs – longer at night if you stay asleep. Still working on nursing and working with the chiropractor to get your tongue in the proper position. 

Milestones: Eating, sleeping, and wet diapers. Made your first trip to IL for 4th of July weekend and celebrated your first holiday at home resting with mom, dad, and Landon. 
Mom’s favorites: Your grunting/snorting noises and how snuggly you are. I hope the snuggly part sticks around for years and years!

Baby items we can’t live without: Bouncy seat, rock-n-play, and swing.  Lots of burp cloths – your are stubborn and end up spitting up a ton!
We adore you Maverick and can’t believe how fast this month has gone. You are the little ball of love that we were missing. Landon refers to you as “baby Maberick” and it is adorable.  We can’t wait to see your personality, but in the meantime we hope your baby days go as slow as possible so we can soak you up!  Mommy is loving her days with you and you are easy to pack up and take along on any errands or outings. Looking forward to all the changes in the next month. 

Photo credit: Metropolitan Picture Company


One thought on “Maverick Turner – One Month

  1. I really enjoyed getting to hold Maverick today. Glad you could come to Grandma’s party.

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