Landon Tyler – One Year

Memories at 12 months/1 year:




Eyes: Blue!

Clothes: 12 mos.  still.  I think we will be moving into 18 mos tops any day

Diapers: Size 4 and just ordered Size 5 in the next Amazon drop

Sleeping: Oh my word.  My fave update…you started sleeping through the night one week before your birthday.  It has been absolute BLISS!  We sometimes rock you, but you love to just lay in bed and go right to sleep.

Likes: (Lots the same as last month) Outside, being on the go, people watching, pushing anything you can (highchair, toys, etc) all over the place, playing with Dad, snuggles with Mom, w, doors (opening and closing), getting into all the cabinets, making lots of noise, watching videos on Youtube, any song on TV, putting everything in your mouth, and now WALKING.  You are busy!

Dislikes: You dislike sitting in the bath tub.  You do not like anyone wiping your face at all.  You also have a pretty sweet “mean mug” and use it when you don’t like something.  I need to get a photo of it.

Eating: Off bottles completely – YAY!  You have 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  You have been drinking milk and water.  They may have snuck some juice in at school, but we are trying to hold off on that as long as possible.

Milestones: WALKING, off the bottle, sleeping through the night.  Wow…lots of changes this month.  You are such a big boy!

Mom’s favorites: You are so ticklish and think it is hysterical when we tell you your feet stink.  Such a boy! Also loved to see you attack your big cupcake at your birthday.  You love sweets like mom and dad!

Baby items we can’t live without: We love the gerber baby cookies and you have one every night at dinner.

You have had such a great month of development.  Walking, all table food, and sleeping through the night have been fantastic!  You also are moving up to the 1 yr old room at daycare.  We are going to miss your teachers.  They worked so hard with you on walking.

You were the ring bearer in Aunt Erin and Uncle Bill’s wedding and had fun with your walker toy at the reception.  You were one week shy of walking at their wedding…so crazy!

We celebrated your birthday on Thanksgiving day at Grandma Kathy’s house.   We sang “happy birthday” and you attacked all the icing on your cupcake.  You were also spoiled with so many gifts and clothes.  Those in attendance: Grandma Kathy, Tom, Aunt Erin & Uncle Bill, Uncle Nathan & Aunt Kristin & Brynzlee, Uncle Ryan & Aunt Donna & Dylan & Jacob, Great Grandma Betty Mullink, and Betsy Miller.  We also Skyped with Grandma and Grandpa Jones in Dallas so that they could see you and your cake.  So special!

In the next month you will move to the 1 yr room at school, celebrate Roe and Jones Christmas, and spend lots of time with mom while dad works his very busy season.  We can’t wait to watch all of your changes this month.  We love you more every day!

Stay crazy, friends.

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