Landon Tyler – Ten Months


Memories at 10 months:

Weight: 22 lbs.

Length: Guessing 28 in.

Hair: Hair is getting thicker and still a dirty blond.

Eyes: Blue!

Clothes: Started in the 12 mos tops and keeping 9 mos shorts to finish out the warm weather.  Will transition into 12 mos pants when we are in full fall (chilly) weather.

Diapers: Size 4

Sleeping: Still struggling for consistency with the sleep.  You are good 2-3 nights a week and the others you are up 1-2 times a night.  Traveling with you is the most difficult at night – you never sleep!  Still get 2-3 naps a day.  We will have to transition you to one nap for the 1 yr old room at school.  Hopefully that will help you at night too!

Likes: Same as last month…music and being on the go!  You also love the baby channel on TV.  Harry the Bunny has stolen your heart!

Dislikes: Being tired and the end of the day routine.  You usually pitch a fit getting into pajamas until you get your bottle.

Eating: Down to 4 bottles a day plus having a “meal” for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You have started on some table foods and love mashed potatoes, turkey, string cheese, and spaghetti.  You will eat pretty much anything we put in front of you.

Milestones: You are so close to walking!  You can walk behind your walking toy unassisted (this made mom excited and cry all at the same time).  You are cruising and pulling up on everything.  We had to put a cover on the crib because you are a biter and chew on anything…including the crib rail.  I believe you are labeled as the “biter” in your classroom and mom and dad sign 2-3 accident reports a week.  You scream “mamama” either babbling or when you are upset.  Dad taught you how to “high five”.  You had pink eye and a double ear infection at the end of this month.  Let’s hope we stay out of the pediatrician office until your 1 yr appt!  We need lots of energy to keep up with you.

Mom’s favorites: You are starting to become more independent but you still love to snuggle.  I love both of these equally.

Baby items we can’t live without: Baby food pouches.  Why am I late to this game?  Love them!

You have had a great month visiting with family, going to Grant’s Farm, attending Aunt Erin’s bridal shower, and exploring everything you can get your hands on.  You were gifted the most precious highchair from Georgia Maneke (Grandpa Roe’s 1st cousin).  The highchair was used by your great grandma Roe and her brother (who is Georgia’s dad).  Is is absolutely beautiful and we are thrilled to use it for many years to come.

2 months left until you are 1 yr old.  Can’t believe it!  We have lots to do the next few months and can’t wait to see how much you change.  Love you always, Landon.

Stay crazy, friends.

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