Landon Tyler – Nine Months

8.26.15_9monthMemories at 9 months:

Weight: You are still 21 lbs., so no significant growth in weight.

Length: 27.5 in.  (Mom was wrong again last month!)

Hair: Still filling in and getting longer.  Your dad is officially jealous of all your hair!

Eyes: Blue!

Clothes: Fitting in some 12 mos pj’s.  You are in 9 mos clothes and some 6 mos shorts, but we will have to go into 12 mos very soon.  So sad putting all those clothes in storage!

Diapers: Movin’ on up to Size 4.  We got some advice from Mom’s friend and bought the Pampers Overnights in Size 4.  Lifesaver!

Sleeping: You are not consistently sleeping through the night, although when you do – we love it! Your naps at school are 40 min 2x a day.  They think you are crazy that you won’t sleep and you usually come home so tired.  Some days you will take a nap on the way home.  Bedtime is still 8:30-9.

Likes: Anything with music and making noise.  You love to be on the go and need to move around constantly to keep busy.

Dislikes: You’ve started gagging on your food.  You are a total texture guy.

Eating: Continuing the same as last month but also incorporating table food. Yum!  Working to incorporate more in your meals so that we have a good update at your 9 month.Still on 6 oz. formula.  We are working on deleting one bottle a day and taking on 3 “meals”.  You are getting 22 oz a day between 4 bottles, oatmeal/fruit for breakfast, veggies at lunch, and another oatmeal/fruit dinner.   We will be working on picking items up with your two fingers this month.

Milestones: You were baptized on Sunday, August 9th.  Your 8th tooth popped in this month! You are all over the place.  You scoot around on the floor and everyone cracks up at your army crawl.  Dad worked with you all day on a Sunday and you have now mastered the walker and can go all over the hard surface floors.  You love it (and we do too!).  You have really started full interactions and “pouting” when you don’t get your way.  You have also moved up to your new classroom – Starfish.  You are the youngest of the bunch and have to work hard to keep up with everyone.

Mom’s favorites: Your laugh and smile.  By far – the best parts of the day!  I love to walk in your room in the morning when you have slept all night and wake up happy.  You are just so precious.

Baby items we can’t live without: Now…the walker.  We will take that thing everywhere (and we do!).

You have changed so much this month and we are enjoying keeping up with you and seeing your personality continue to shine through.  You have been so good “on the go” and keep up with our crazy schedule very well.  We love you to pieces!

Month 9 will include a weekend in St. Louis with Uncle Nathan, Aunt Kristin, and Brynzlee – along with a trip to Grant’s Farm.  We are heading to Decatur for Aunt Erin’s bridal shower and you will be partying with the girls.  We also have a few weekends at home preparing for our vacation at the end of September!

More pics coming soon….

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