Landon Tyler – 8 months


Memories at 8 months:

Weight: You are 21 lbs. and growing like crazy.

Length: We will say 28 inches and check in at your 9 month appt.

Hair: Your hair is getting so long on top and still looks like a dirty blond to me.  Photos seem like your hair is pretty dark.  Your bald spot on back has filled in, so you are on your way for some thickness.

Eyes: Blue!

Clothes: In 9 month tops and pj’s…but 12 mos is on the horizon.  Still fit in 6 mos shorts and wearing 9 mos too, but they gap a little bit on you.

Diapers: Still size 3 and after trying several options, we are sticking with the size 4 overnights for now.

Sleeping: You quit sleeping through the night on July 5th, but you’ve had 3 good nights!  Sickness really threw you and we are waiting for our healthy boy to sleep through the night.  Your naps at school are 40 min 3x a day.  You usually take a 5 PM nap and we’ve moved your bedtime to 8:30-9.  This has been working really well.

Likes: You love to stand!  You’ve started the army crawl and with enough energy you can get anywhere you want.  You have started to remember things…when Mickey comes on you flash those dimples with a big smile.  Mom and Dad just watch you…so fun!  You love to play with books and still have a fascination with banging all your toys.  Your toys with music make you so happy and you will bounce for days.

Dislikes: Sickness!  We have been at the dr this month for hand/foot/mouth and a double ear infection.  We want all these to stay away!

Eating: Same schedule as last month.  Working to incorporate more in your meals so that we have a good update at your 9 month.Still on 6 oz. formula.  We are working on deleting one bottle a day and taking on 3 “meals”.  You are getting 22 oz a day between 4 bottles, oatmeal/fruit for breakfast, veggies at lunch, and another oatmeal/fruit dinner.   You are becoming a pro at your snacks.  You still have your moments where you bite your fingers (and get very upset!) but overall doing really well.

Milestones: Army crawling!  You are mobile.  You have been jabbering away and sometimes we think we hear “mom”, but you have no idea what you are saying.  Still have 6 teeth, so no new ones this month.  You had two big extended family weekends.  We celebrated your great-grandma B Mullink’s birthday and you met great aunts/uncles, and cousins that you hadn’t met yet.  You spent another weekend at the Schwada family reunion spending time with our Jones family and all the Schwada family.

Mom’s favorites: Your sense of humor is fantastic.  Your teachers comment on how funny you are and you laugh with them.  They also told us that they think you are a bully and have a foot fetish…oh my.  You laughed at another baby being fussy and tried to eat some of the other babies toes.  Gross but funny!  I also love that you look for me and your dad in a room where you don’t recognize anyone.  Mom and Dad are your favorites for cuddling when you don’t feel well.  I LOVE rocking you to sleep…it is my favorite time for just the two of us each night or naps on the weekends (but I do share with Dad too when he is home!).

Baby items we can’t live without: Baby cheese puffs and our overnight diapers (life savers)

Month 8 is another busy month for you with lots of family weekends.  Aunt Erin and Uncle Bill are babysitting you while mom and dad go to a wedding.  You will be baptized this month and celebrating Aunt Erin and Aunt Kristin’s birthdays.  We are also planning a weekend to Decatur to help Erin with wedding plans.  You will be on the go…like always!  We love you so much and treasure each precious day with you!

More pics coming soon….

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