Landon Tyler – Six Months


Memories from six months:

Weight: We will guess 16 lbs.  Your dr appt is in one week, so we will see if we are correct.

Length: Guessing 27 inches.

Hair: Your hair has changed so much this month.  It is starting to really grow and get dark.  You still have a bald spot in the back, but we are hoping that fills in quickly.

Eyes: Still blue!

Clothes: Still in 6 mos sleepers and onesies.  Your 6 mos pants are still a bit too long.  3-6 mos clothes are still fitting too, but we bought some 6-9 mos this weekend for school extra outfits.  You are definitely getting longer!  We think it is all in your torso and not your legs….much to your dad’s dismay.

Diapers: Moved up to size 3!

Sleeping: You slept through the night on Mother’s Day (May 10th) and have had several good nights since then.  We hope you stay this way…mom and dad are loving the zzzz’s!

Likes: We started giving you vegetables and also put a strawberry in your gummy contraption and you ate it all up.  When your strawberries are gone, you throw a fit!  You love your bottles and your teachers say that you think every bottle at school is yours.    We got you an outdoor swing and a new bouncer that you love.  The swing makes you fall asleep every time you get in it.  Anything with music makes you smile.  You love the song “Mr Sun, Sun Mister Golden Sun” and you will quiet down and smile when you hear it.  The only place that doesn’t work is in the car…youtube Mickey Mouse Club has come to our rescue more than once on our phones or the ipad.  Daycare also says you love your Orajel…we think that is so funny!  You love books and will laugh when your dad turns the pages.

Dislikes: getting stuck on your tummy in bed after you roll, anyone touching your nose

Eating: We have just moved you up to 6 oz – all formula.   We are keeping the rice cereal – and just started your first foods.  Since last week, you have had peas, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  You are loving them all.

Milestones: Complete rolling.  We thought you were so close and found out that you had been doing it in daycare before we saw you.  We officially saw your first tumbles on May 11th.  Yesterday you started blowing bubbles.  We thought your bibs were soaked before, but this is a whole new ball game.

Mom’s favorites: Your laugh and smile are still my favorites.  I will do just about anything to see them.  You are such an easy-going baby (and I hope you stay that way!), which comes from your dad.  You went to the Indianapolis zoo over Memorial Day weekend in the early afternoon and you just rode around in your stroller and took a nap when you got tired.  I love that you can be on-the-go!

Baby items we can’t live without: We are big fans of the bouncer and the baby swing.

Month 6 is officially summer!  We can’t wait to do all the fun things with you outdoors – including the pool.  We have a vacation coming up with your cousin, Brynzlee, who loves to help babysit you!  We absolutely adore you, Landon.  Can’t wait to see how much you change this month.

More pics coming soon….


Stay crazy, friends.

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