Landon Tyler – Five months

4.26.15_5 month

Memories from five months:

Weight: Mom was very close on the 4 month guess.  You weighed 13 lb. 15 oz, so we will guess that you are around 15 lb this month.

Length: Height at 4 mos appt was 25 inches  .  I am guessing you have grown another inch, so we will go with 26.

Hair: Your hair is starting to grow in and is very thin, a little dark, and soft fine baby hair.  Keep growing!


Eyes: Still blue!

Clothes: In a solid 6 mos in sleepers.  6 mos pants are a little too long and 6 mos shorts are a little too big.  What are we going to do with you?!?  3-6 mos fits pretty well.  Since you have a daily clothes change at daycare (due to accidents), mom is constantly trying to find clothes to send that fit and are weather appropriate.

Diapers: Squeezing in size 2.  We will be movin on up next month.


Sleeping: Oh my good lord.  It is a good thing we want to keep you….you have kept mom and dad awake many nights this month.  We blame the two little teeth in your mouth and a growth spurt.  Please oh please work with us this month….we will give you an early allowance if you sleep through the night..ha!

Likes: All of your likes are the same as last month.  His dad’s funny voices, drooling, anything with music, everything in his mouth, bath time, and TOYS.  You are also enjoying being propped up or standing up (with assistance).  You have had your fill of tummy time, but we continue to work with you.

Dislikes: angry gums, being tired or hungry


Eating: We are sticking with 5 oz, while still supplementing.  You have also started rice cereal 2 times a day.  (It isn’t helping the sleep department – even though the critics say it would.)

Milestones: Laughing.  We will do anything possible to hear that giggle.  You can roll from tummy to back, but not easily.  It takes a lot of convincing.  The bottom two teeth have poked through. One started on Easter (4/5) and the other started a week later (4/13)  You have started holding your bottles and we have moved the straps up in your carseat.


Mom’s favorites: Your personality shines.  I adore when I laugh at you and then you laugh back flashing that gummy smile.  Every weekend is just precious spending time with you and I love to soak up every moment.

Baby items we can’t live without: Anything that you can put in your mouth….pretty much a lifesaver.

Month 5 is going to be so much fun.  We have lots of family events planned and dad has his 2nd week of vacation, so we will have some good time at home together.  Can’t wait!  We adore you, Landon and we pray that you keep up those smiles forever.



Some of our fave photos this month:







DSC_0789      DSC_0809







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