March…and it’s over

Can we hit rewind?

March has been filled with many things, none of which have documented photos….unless you count the 536,738 pics I post of my kid every second on social media.  Here is what we have been up to….

  • Surviving.  Whew…..  We are starting to figure out this working mom routine and I’m quite proud of our little family.  We may have house projects hanging over our head, but we’ve chosen to ignore them and just figure out “us” and this new world we live in.
  • Landon is doing well at school/daycare and seems to really like it.  His 4 month (insert high fives and tears simultaneously) post should be up this week.
  • Looking forward to every weekend.  We have stayed home and spent a lot of time as our family of 3.  We can’t get enough.  Monday-Friday is for the birds.
  • Getting some miles on the stroller.  Landon is doing well on our family weekend walks….except that one time that I had a great idea not to use the infant seat on a 4 mile walk.  Let’s just say his “facing front” stroller rides will be kept short and our backs and arms will thank us.
  • I attended one of my co-worker’s bridal showers.  Looking forward to her wedding (and a date night) in May!
  • Watching my husband be a dad.  There really isn’t anything I would rather do.  Since day one, he has been amazing and from the day I have been back to work he has done more of the “getting up at night”.  He is a blessing and love him more every day.  Landon adores him too and I have to laugh at their twin expressions constantly.
  • My mom and I went with my sister to look for a wedding dress and she found THE ONE!  So so excited and wish I could share a photo, but we will have to patiently wait until November for the big reveal.  She looks amazing….that is your only teaser.

Cheers to a great month.  So excited for spring and getting Landon outside!

Stay crazy, friends.

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