Landon Tyler – Three Months


Memories from three months:

Weight: He didn’t weigh at the dr this month.  I am guessing he is 12-13 lb.

Length: I could be wrong, but I don’t think he has grown much in length.  We will keep it at 21 1/2 and check at his appt in March.

Hair: Hair is still dark and starting to get a little fuzzy.  The cradle cap is still sticking around.  Hoping for that to end soon!

Eyes: Still not 100% sure.  I’m going to stick with blue.

Clothes: 3 mos and 3-6 mos.  My sister came over and washed all of his 6-9 mos clothes to get them ready.  He should be in them very soon!

Diapers: Size 2.  Movin’ on up.

Sleeping: We were doing so well with 6 hr spans and then 12 weeks hit.  He started waking up to eat twice a night like clockwork.  This conveniently was the same week mom returned to work.  Good times.  Like magic, he slept through the night on the eve of his 3 mos!!  We are hoping that continues.

Likes: To be held all.the.time, his bouncy seat and toys that light up/have music, watching TV (the proper moms will probably cringe)

Dislikes: Stopping eating to burp, cleaning his face in any way, slowing down/stopping in the car

Eating: Nursing is still going well, but we have had to figure out a new routine with daycare.  They just requested that he get 4 oz each feeding, so we are supplementing.  We will see how this goes!

Milestones: He is still my smiley baby.  We adore his smiles and can’t wait for them every day.  He has started reaching more for his toys in the bouncy or on the floor.  He is doing really well with his crib at night and we are hoping he starts to do well for naps this month (maybe daycare will train him!).  He started daycare on 2.23.15, after staying a partial week at home with Tyler.  The first day was a little rough, but he is learning the routine and doing well.

Mom’s favorites: This week I have picked him up at daycare.  As soon as he hears my voice, he will turn his head and smile.  It melts me every day.  His eyelashes are starting to grow and thicken.  Love them!

Baby items we can’t live without: The bouncy seat.  It has been a lifesaver this week with crazy work mornings and in the evening when dinner is being prepped.

DSC_0671We can’t believe how much our little guy is changing.  All of the daycare staff comment on how “tiny” he is, but we think he is big!  We can’t imagine life without him….our sweet boy!

A few favorite photos from this month:

DSC_0649 DSC_0655

Grandma Kathy (on her birthday 2.7.15) and Landon DSC_0658

Brynzlee and Landon DSC_0666

IMG_0016 IMG_2562 IMG_2575 IMG_2582 IMG_2583

Georgia & Landon


IMG_2595 IMG_2604 IMG_2612

Brynzlee & LandonIMG_2625 IMG_2627 IMG_2632 IMG_2638 IMG_2643

Landon & Dad   

IMG_2645 IMG_2650 IMG_2659Landon’s 1st day of daycare 2.23.15 IMG_2661-001 Landon & Mom

Stay crazy, friends.

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