Life in January

Our month of January has been filled with loving on our boy.  The days of “nothing” fly by and I am not jealous of the stay at home moms.  I really don’t know how they do it.  I am doing really well to keep my hair out of a ponytail and get in real clothes.  Who knew a run to the grocery store without your husband could seem so hard?!?  I know I will laugh at myself in a few years with a toddler.  But…with this sweet face…I just can’t resist him.


Landon – 7 weeks

Last weekend, we took Landon’s first trip to my grandma’s house.  He met his great Aunt Donna & Sonja.  DSC_0587

Cousins – Dylan, Landon & Jacob


Dylan & Landon DSC_0595

4 generations – Amy, Landon, Grandma Kathy, and Great-Grandma Betty.  These ladies are true examples of amazing mothers.


My sweet handsome. DSC_0605 This is the 3rd time Grandma has held Landon.  I just adore this photo of her.

Stay crazy, friends.

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