Maverick Turner – 3 Months

Memories at 3 months:

Weight: 9.5 lbs. Guessing you are staying about the same. We will find out at your 4 mo check up.

Length: 23 inches. Sticking with this again, although you do seem longer

Hair: Lighting up and falling out a little bit. Pretty sure your crazy dark ear lobe hair is gone too.

Eyes: Hoping for blue but too soon to tell.

Clothes: 0-3 fits best but you are in 3 mos too

Diapers: Size 1

Sleeping:  You are a champion 6-8 hrs every night and you pulled one 12 hr last night. Amazing. Mommy only hopes that you get used to napping at school and are awake more in the evening. This week you have been falling asleep between 5-6 PM for the night.

Likes: Smiling, looking at familiar photos on the wall and you found the tv this month

Dislikes: Still hating your bath and being in the car

Eating: 4 oz every 3 hrs at daycare – longer at night if you stay asleep. You are nursing like a champ! Mommy is ecstatic!

Milestones: Started daycare and so far so good. You are loving it and mommy misses you so much! You also started giggling. We figured out you are SO ticklish! You met your great Grandma and Grandpa Schwada. Grandma Kathy also came to keep you for a few days and you loved having here here!

Mom’s favorites: Your sweet giggles, smiles, and snuggles.

Baby items we can’t live without: all the pacifiers and the boppy

You are 3 mos and seem like such a little laid back man. You are the best sleeper and Mommy and Daddy just love your snuggles! Landon mostly ignores you, but he did give you your pacifier this week and it was so sweet. He is going to take good care of you. We adore you, Maverick!


Maverick Turner – 2 Months

Memories at 2 months:

Weight: 9.5 lbs. not even on the charts for weight. We have our work cut out for us to bulk you up.

Length: 23 inches. About the 40th percentile.

Hair: Still dark and growing! You may have one spot that looks a little thinned on the back of your head.

Eyes: Hoping for blue but too soon to tell. 

Clothes: Newborns are snug in the length and short on the arms. We are pushing the 0-3 and 3 mos. You always pull your legs out of them. You still LOVE warmth so I’m struggling to get your summer clothes worn.

Diapers: Size 1 

Sleeping:  We worked hard on crib training this month, but still have some work to do on naps. You are sleeping 4-6 hrs at night with a bigger feeding at 10 PM.

Likes: Warm cuddles, outside, bottles, smiling

Dislikes: Being cold (air conditioning, baths, etc), wet/dirty diapers

Eating: 2.5-3 oz every 3 hrs – longer at night if you stay asleep. Still working on nursing, but mostly bottles and very little formula. Yay!

Milestones: Smiling – moms fave!, two trips to IL for Reagan’s baptism and for mom to babysit Reagan while her mom and dad went back to school, sleeping in your crib, spending time with the Jones fam and meeting Aunt Jen, Kaden and Ian
Mom’s favorites: Your personality is starting to show and I’m reminded that it is so hard to go back to work. You are such a laid back baby.

Baby items we can’t live without: soft blankets and the Moby.

Another month has flown by and we have loved every minute with you.  We’ve shared you with lots of family this month and you are so easy going – except that car ride to IL with mom and Landon. You screamed for a good part of it – but we made it! Mommy is cherishing all the days that remain with you at home until you start daycare. We love you to pieces!


Maverick Turner – One Month

Memories at 1 month:
Weight: 7lb 8 oz at your two week appointment. I’m going to guess 8 lb. 
Length: 20 inches
Hair: Dark and has grown a lot this month. Plus, your eyelashes filled out too.

Eyes: Hoping for blue but too soon to tell. 
Clothes: Newborns still fit, but we are trying to get you wearing your summer 0-3 and 3 mos clothes. You prefer sleepers because you like to be snuggled and warm in this A/C house. 

Diapers: Just finished up our newborns and put you in Size 1. They are a little big. 
Sleeping:  Still sleeping in the bassinet in Mom and Dad’s bed. Landon never got away with this!  You will sleep a 6 hr span at night and we hope it stays this way and gets even better. 

Likes: Snuggles, Mom – you quiet down immediately, pacifiers, swaddles, eating
Dislikes: Waiting on sleep or food. You want what you want when you want it!

Eating: 2 oz every 3 hrs – longer at night if you stay asleep. Still working on nursing and working with the chiropractor to get your tongue in the proper position. 

Milestones: Eating, sleeping, and wet diapers. Made your first trip to IL for 4th of July weekend and celebrated your first holiday at home resting with mom, dad, and Landon. 
Mom’s favorites: Your grunting/snorting noises and how snuggly you are. I hope the snuggly part sticks around for years and years!

Baby items we can’t live without: Bouncy seat, rock-n-play, and swing.  Lots of burp cloths – your are stubborn and end up spitting up a ton!
We adore you Maverick and can’t believe how fast this month has gone. You are the little ball of love that we were missing. Landon refers to you as “baby Maberick” and it is adorable.  We can’t wait to see your personality, but in the meantime we hope your baby days go as slow as possible so we can soak you up!  Mommy is loving her days with you and you are easy to pack up and take along on any errands or outings. Looking forward to all the changes in the next month. 

Photo credit: Metropolitan Picture Company


Landon Tyler – Eleven Months


Memories at 11 months:

Weight: 22 lbs. 5 oz

Length: His little legs seem to have grown, but who knows.  We will stick with 28 in and check in December at the 12 mos appt.

Hair: Hair continues to get longer and stay the same dirty blond.

Eyes: Blue!

Clothes: 12 mos. all the way, but we will see 18 mos tops soon.

Diapers: Size 4

Sleeping: Continuing the broken record.  Child – we would love it if you would sleep.  At this point, sickness and teeth have killed any sleeping through the night.  We are exhausted. After vacation, daycare started transitioning to one nap a day.  You have been sleeping 2-3 hours in that nap.  Awesome.  You also like to sneak in a nap before dinner.  We can’t wait for you to sleep through the night.

Likes: Outside, being on the go, people watching, pushing anything you can (highchair, toys, etc) all over the place, playing with Dad, snuggles with Mom, waking up in the middle of the night (ugh!), doors (opening and closing), getting into all the cabinets, making lots of noise, watching videos on Youtube, any song on TV, putting everything in your mouth.  You are busy!

Dislikes: Any part of bath time.  You hate when mom and dad make you sit in the want to stand!  Wrangling you after bath with a diaper and pajamas is a workout.  You aren’t a fan of the carseat for long periods of time.  This is why we flew to TX!  You also HATE when you see a bottle and can’t have it.

Eating: 4-5 bottles a day – depending on if/when you wake up in the middle of the night.  Table food is going well and daycare has started giving you morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.  They sat you at a table to eat today and they said you did great!  Mom and dad give you breakfast and dinner at home.  We are trying to finish up baby food, but you are mostly eating table food and loving your yogurt and applesauce!

Milestones: Still so close to walking, but you won’t stand on your own without holding on to something.  You immediately sit down.  You have improved so much with your walking toy.  You can back up and turn with such ease, so we know that walking is just around the corner.  You started saying “uh oh” and then got sick and haven’t said it again. . You still babble “momma”, but you refuse to say “dada”.  You say something that sounds like “I do”, but we aren’t exactly sure what you are saying.  You love to tease…and you get this honestly from your dad.  You can drink out of a straw.  You also know when you aren’t supposed to touch or get into something.  We have “caught you” looking for us to see if you are going to get in trouble.  You are still biting….please stop this.  ha!  We tell you “no” and you laugh.  Goodness…the toddler years are going to be interesting.

Mom’s favorites: You have been tucking your arms in when you snuggle or we rock to sleep.  It is your signal that you are tired and it is precious.  I adore your laugh and fun personality.  You are so easy to get a laugh out of.

Baby items we can’t live without: Toys that aren’t toys.  Cardboard box?  Yes, please.  We have fun making anything a toy that can’t fit in your mouth.

This has been such a big month for you.  You took your first airplane ride to Dallas, TX and spent a week with Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Jim.  Overall, you did a great job and after a few nights even slept through the night.  Yay!  As soon as we got home, we received a call from daycare that you had a fever.  We have been fighting a cold, cough, and no sleep since then.  We went back to the dr and you had a double ear infection.  We are hopeful that you will feel better and start sleeping again.  You spent a weekend with the Roe family in IL preparing for Aunt Erin’s wedding.  We have also spent some time at home and tried to nurse us all back to health.

This is your last month as an infant.  We can’t believe that we have had you here for an entire year.  This month you will be a ring bearer in Aunt Erin’s wedding and we are hoping to fit a visit into your great grandparents before your birthday and Thanksgiving.  We love you to the moon, sweet boy.

Stay crazy, friends.

Landon Tyler – Ten Months


Memories at 10 months:

Weight: 22 lbs.

Length: Guessing 28 in.

Hair: Hair is getting thicker and still a dirty blond.

Eyes: Blue!

Clothes: Started in the 12 mos tops and keeping 9 mos shorts to finish out the warm weather.  Will transition into 12 mos pants when we are in full fall (chilly) weather.

Diapers: Size 4

Sleeping: Still struggling for consistency with the sleep.  You are good 2-3 nights a week and the others you are up 1-2 times a night.  Traveling with you is the most difficult at night – you never sleep!  Still get 2-3 naps a day.  We will have to transition you to one nap for the 1 yr old room at school.  Hopefully that will help you at night too!

Likes: Same as last month…music and being on the go!  You also love the baby channel on TV.  Harry the Bunny has stolen your heart!

Dislikes: Being tired and the end of the day routine.  You usually pitch a fit getting into pajamas until you get your bottle.

Eating: Down to 4 bottles a day plus having a “meal” for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You have started on some table foods and love mashed potatoes, turkey, string cheese, and spaghetti.  You will eat pretty much anything we put in front of you.

Milestones: You are so close to walking!  You can walk behind your walking toy unassisted (this made mom excited and cry all at the same time).  You are cruising and pulling up on everything.  We had to put a cover on the crib because you are a biter and chew on anything…including the crib rail.  I believe you are labeled as the “biter” in your classroom and mom and dad sign 2-3 accident reports a week.  You scream “mamama” either babbling or when you are upset.  Dad taught you how to “high five”.  You had pink eye and a double ear infection at the end of this month.  Let’s hope we stay out of the pediatrician office until your 1 yr appt!  We need lots of energy to keep up with you.

Mom’s favorites: You are starting to become more independent but you still love to snuggle.  I love both of these equally.

Baby items we can’t live without: Baby food pouches.  Why am I late to this game?  Love them!

You have had a great month visiting with family, going to Grant’s Farm, attending Aunt Erin’s bridal shower, and exploring everything you can get your hands on.  You were gifted the most precious highchair from Georgia Maneke (Grandpa Roe’s 1st cousin).  The highchair was used by your great grandma Roe and her brother (who is Georgia’s dad).  Is is absolutely beautiful and we are thrilled to use it for many years to come.

2 months left until you are 1 yr old.  Can’t believe it!  We have lots to do the next few months and can’t wait to see how much you change.  Love you always, Landon.

Stay crazy, friends.

8.26.15_9monthMemories at 9 months:

Weight: You are still 21 lbs., so no significant growth in weight.

Length: 27.5 in.  (Mom was wrong again last month!)

Hair: Still filling in and getting longer.  Your dad is officially jealous of all your hair!

Eyes: Blue!

Clothes: Fitting in some 12 mos pj’s.  You are in 9 mos clothes and some 6 mos shorts, but we will have to go into 12 mos very soon.  So sad putting all those clothes in storage!

Diapers: Movin’ on up to Size 4.  We got some advice from Mom’s friend and bought the Pampers Overnights in Size 4.  Lifesaver!

Sleeping: You are not consistently sleeping through the night, although when you do – we love it! Your naps at school are 40 min 2x a day.  They think you are crazy that you won’t sleep and you usually come home so tired.  Some days you will take a nap on the way home.  Bedtime is still 8:30-9.

Likes: Anything with music and making noise.  You love to be on the go and need to move around constantly to keep busy.

Dislikes: You’ve started gagging on your food.  You are a total texture guy.

Eating: Continuing the same as last month but also incorporating table food. Yum!  Working to incorporate more in your meals so that we have a good update at your 9 month.Still on 6 oz. formula.  We are working on deleting one bottle a day and taking on 3 “meals”.  You are getting 22 oz a day between 4 bottles, oatmeal/fruit for breakfast, veggies at lunch, and another oatmeal/fruit dinner.   We will be working on picking items up with your two fingers this month.

Milestones: You were baptized on Sunday, August 9th.  Your 8th tooth popped in this month! You are all over the place.  You scoot around on the floor and everyone cracks up at your army crawl.  Dad worked with you all day on a Sunday and you have now mastered the walker and can go all over the hard surface floors.  You love it (and we do too!).  You have really started full interactions and “pouting” when you don’t get your way.  You have also moved up to your new classroom – Starfish.  You are the youngest of the bunch and have to work hard to keep up with everyone.

Mom’s favorites: Your laugh and smile.  By far – the best parts of the day!  I love to walk in your room in the morning when you have slept all night and wake up happy.  You are just so precious.

Baby items we can’t live without: Now…the walker.  We will take that thing everywhere (and we do!).

You have changed so much this month and we are enjoying keeping up with you and seeing your personality continue to shine through.  You have been so good “on the go” and keep up with our crazy schedule very well.  We love you to pieces!

Month 9 will include a weekend in St. Louis with Uncle Nathan, Aunt Kristin, and Brynzlee – along with a trip to Grant’s Farm.  We are heading to Decatur for Aunt Erin’s bridal shower and you will be partying with the girls.  We also have a few weekends at home preparing for our vacation at the end of September!

More pics coming soon….

Landon Tyler – 8 months


Memories at 8 months:

Weight: You are 21 lbs. and growing like crazy.

Length: We will say 28 inches and check in at your 9 month appt.

Hair: Your hair is getting so long on top and still looks like a dirty blond to me.  Photos seem like your hair is pretty dark.  Your bald spot on back has filled in, so you are on your way for some thickness.

Eyes: Blue!

Clothes: In 9 month tops and pj’s…but 12 mos is on the horizon.  Still fit in 6 mos shorts and wearing 9 mos too, but they gap a little bit on you.

Diapers: Still size 3 and after trying several options, we are sticking with the size 4 overnights for now.

Sleeping: You quit sleeping through the night on July 5th, but you’ve had 3 good nights!  Sickness really threw you and we are waiting for our healthy boy to sleep through the night.  Your naps at school are 40 min 3x a day.  You usually take a 5 PM nap and we’ve moved your bedtime to 8:30-9.  This has been working really well.

Likes: You love to stand!  You’ve started the army crawl and with enough energy you can get anywhere you want.  You have started to remember things…when Mickey comes on you flash those dimples with a big smile.  Mom and Dad just watch you…so fun!  You love to play with books and still have a fascination with banging all your toys.  Your toys with music make you so happy and you will bounce for days.

Dislikes: Sickness!  We have been at the dr this month for hand/foot/mouth and a double ear infection.  We want all these to stay away!

Eating: Same schedule as last month.  Working to incorporate more in your meals so that we have a good update at your 9 month.Still on 6 oz. formula.  We are working on deleting one bottle a day and taking on 3 “meals”.  You are getting 22 oz a day between 4 bottles, oatmeal/fruit for breakfast, veggies at lunch, and another oatmeal/fruit dinner.   You are becoming a pro at your snacks.  You still have your moments where you bite your fingers (and get very upset!) but overall doing really well.

Milestones: Army crawling!  You are mobile.  You have been jabbering away and sometimes we think we hear “mom”, but you have no idea what you are saying.  Still have 6 teeth, so no new ones this month.  You had two big extended family weekends.  We celebrated your great-grandma B Mullink’s birthday and you met great aunts/uncles, and cousins that you hadn’t met yet.  You spent another weekend at the Schwada family reunion spending time with our Jones family and all the Schwada family.

Mom’s favorites: Your sense of humor is fantastic.  Your teachers comment on how funny you are and you laugh with them.  They also told us that they think you are a bully and have a foot fetish…oh my.  You laughed at another baby being fussy and tried to eat some of the other babies toes.  Gross but funny!  I also love that you look for me and your dad in a room where you don’t recognize anyone.  Mom and Dad are your favorites for cuddling when you don’t feel well.  I LOVE rocking you to sleep…it is my favorite time for just the two of us each night or naps on the weekends (but I do share with Dad too when he is home!).

Baby items we can’t live without: Baby cheese puffs and our overnight diapers (life savers)

Month 8 is another busy month for you with lots of family weekends.  Aunt Erin and Uncle Bill are babysitting you while mom and dad go to a wedding.  You will be baptized this month and celebrating Aunt Erin and Aunt Kristin’s birthdays.  We are also planning a weekend to Decatur to help Erin with wedding plans.  You will be on the go…like always!  We love you so much and treasure each precious day with you!

More pics coming soon….

Landon Tyler – Seven Months


Memories at 7 months:

Weight: You are every bit of 20 lbs.  (Mom was wayyy off last month!)  At your 6 month well baby visit on June 5th you were 19 lbs.  You are in the 76th percentile for weight.  We will take it.

Length: Guessing 27 inches again this month.  You were 26 inches at your dr appt.  Only the 17th percentile for height.  (We aren’t surprised!)

Hair: Your hair is continuing to grow quickly and is looking like a dirty blonde.  We are hoping it continues to thicken!

Eyes: Very blue….and to die for.  You get so many compliments on your eyes…and you know how to use them.

Clothes: We are moving on up to 9 month pj’s and onesies.  Some of your polos are getting short in 6 mos, but we are trying to wear them as much as possible.  Mom broke the bank at Carter’s buying all the clearance so that you are set for 9 mos.  Shorts are still in 6 mos and some 3-6 mos.  The 9 month shorts gap at the waist and are wayyy too long.

Diapers: Size 3 and we’ve started Size 4 overnights to help in the sleep department.

Sleeping: You have had your moments.  You are working on your 4 top teeth (and maybe two more), so the sleep was interrupted a bit by those little boogers.  We also found that you were wet in the front from rolling onto your stomach (hence the diaper note above).  The larger diapers are working wonders!  We are continuing to hope for a “sleep through the night baby” into month 7.  Naps are a different story.  Your teachers think you like QUIET because you were on your own one Friday at school and took a two hour nap.  (You never do this…)  Most of your naps are 30-40 min 2-3 times a day.

Likes: You love when someone says “boo” to you.  You get a little scared and then laugh.  You also love banging all of your toys on the wood floors to make loud noises.  You will do it for days.  You continue to love baths.  You will be so tired/cranky and your bath soothes you.  You still LOVE fruit.  You have had cantaloupe this month and you scarf it down.  You loved the pool on vacation!  You still love your outdoor swing and watching TV.

Dislikes: Still hate getting your nose cleaned out and being tired/hungry.  You are pretty “go with the flow” so we think you are pretty easy to please!

Eating: Still on 6 oz. formula.  We are working on deleting one bottle a day and taking on 3 “meals”.  You are getting 22 oz a day between 4 bottles, oatmeal/fruit for breakfast, veggies at lunch, and another oatmeal/fruit dinner.   We also started snacks to work on picking up the food and feeding yourself.  We have some work to do, but we know we started early so we will get there.

Milestones: Sitting up!  You look so big.  You can get on your stomach and scoot in a circle, but can’t quite figure out crawling yet.  We know it will happen very soon!  You have 6 teeth and at least 2 more on the way.  You played hide and seek with a blanket this month and made mom’s day!  You had your first ear infection…boo!  Mom kept you home for a day of snuggling.  You also went on a vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks.  It included lots of time with your cousin Brynzlee, first swimming, and first boat ride.  You had a blast!  You even fell asleep in the pool one night.  We celebrated Daddy’s first Father’s Day this month.  You are such a gift to him (and mom too)!

Mom’s favorites: You react to everything mom/dad do now.  It is so fun to talk to you and get a reaction.  We are trying really hard for your first words to be “mama/dada”.  So far you just smile and laugh.  Stinker!  I hate to be away from you – especially on the weekends.  I soak up every moment I can with you because it seems like it isn’t enough.

Baby items we can’t live without: We continue to love the bouncer, outdoor swing, and all of the floor toys.

Month 7 is a big month for you.  You will be moving into your new classroom at school, your first 4th of July, and first Schwada reunion.  Can’t wait to see all the progress you make this month.  We love you to the moon, little man.

More pics coming soon….


Landon Tyler – Six Months


Memories from six months:

Weight: We will guess 16 lbs.  Your dr appt is in one week, so we will see if we are correct.

Length: Guessing 27 inches.

Hair: Your hair has changed so much this month.  It is starting to really grow and get dark.  You still have a bald spot in the back, but we are hoping that fills in quickly.

Eyes: Still blue!

Clothes: Still in 6 mos sleepers and onesies.  Your 6 mos pants are still a bit too long.  3-6 mos clothes are still fitting too, but we bought some 6-9 mos this weekend for school extra outfits.  You are definitely getting longer!  We think it is all in your torso and not your legs….much to your dad’s dismay.

Diapers: Moved up to size 3!

Sleeping: You slept through the night on Mother’s Day (May 10th) and have had several good nights since then.  We hope you stay this way…mom and dad are loving the zzzz’s!

Likes: We started giving you vegetables and also put a strawberry in your gummy contraption and you ate it all up.  When your strawberries are gone, you throw a fit!  You love your bottles and your teachers say that you think every bottle at school is yours.    We got you an outdoor swing and a new bouncer that you love.  The swing makes you fall asleep every time you get in it.  Anything with music makes you smile.  You love the song “Mr Sun, Sun Mister Golden Sun” and you will quiet down and smile when you hear it.  The only place that doesn’t work is in the car…youtube Mickey Mouse Club has come to our rescue more than once on our phones or the ipad.  Daycare also says you love your Orajel…we think that is so funny!  You love books and will laugh when your dad turns the pages.

Dislikes: getting stuck on your tummy in bed after you roll, anyone touching your nose

Eating: We have just moved you up to 6 oz – all formula.   We are keeping the rice cereal – and just started your first foods.  Since last week, you have had peas, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  You are loving them all.

Milestones: Complete rolling.  We thought you were so close and found out that you had been doing it in daycare before we saw you.  We officially saw your first tumbles on May 11th.  Yesterday you started blowing bubbles.  We thought your bibs were soaked before, but this is a whole new ball game.

Mom’s favorites: Your laugh and smile are still my favorites.  I will do just about anything to see them.  You are such an easy-going baby (and I hope you stay that way!), which comes from your dad.  You went to the Indianapolis zoo over Memorial Day weekend in the early afternoon and you just rode around in your stroller and took a nap when you got tired.  I love that you can be on-the-go!

Baby items we can’t live without: We are big fans of the bouncer and the baby swing.

Month 6 is officially summer!  We can’t wait to do all the fun things with you outdoors – including the pool.  We have a vacation coming up with your cousin, Brynzlee, who loves to help babysit you!  We absolutely adore you, Landon.  Can’t wait to see how much you change this month.

More pics coming soon….


Stay crazy, friends.

Landon Tyler – Five months

4.26.15_5 month

Memories from five months:

Weight: Mom was very close on the 4 month guess.  You weighed 13 lb. 15 oz, so we will guess that you are around 15 lb this month.

Length: Height at 4 mos appt was 25 inches  .  I am guessing you have grown another inch, so we will go with 26.

Hair: Your hair is starting to grow in and is very thin, a little dark, and soft fine baby hair.  Keep growing!


Eyes: Still blue!

Clothes: In a solid 6 mos in sleepers.  6 mos pants are a little too long and 6 mos shorts are a little too big.  What are we going to do with you?!?  3-6 mos fits pretty well.  Since you have a daily clothes change at daycare (due to accidents), mom is constantly trying to find clothes to send that fit and are weather appropriate.

Diapers: Squeezing in size 2.  We will be movin on up next month.


Sleeping: Oh my good lord.  It is a good thing we want to keep you….you have kept mom and dad awake many nights this month.  We blame the two little teeth in your mouth and a growth spurt.  Please oh please work with us this month….we will give you an early allowance if you sleep through the night..ha!

Likes: All of your likes are the same as last month.  His dad’s funny voices, drooling, anything with music, everything in his mouth, bath time, and TOYS.  You are also enjoying being propped up or standing up (with assistance).  You have had your fill of tummy time, but we continue to work with you.

Dislikes: angry gums, being tired or hungry


Eating: We are sticking with 5 oz, while still supplementing.  You have also started rice cereal 2 times a day.  (It isn’t helping the sleep department – even though the critics say it would.)

Milestones: Laughing.  We will do anything possible to hear that giggle.  You can roll from tummy to back, but not easily.  It takes a lot of convincing.  The bottom two teeth have poked through. One started on Easter (4/5) and the other started a week later (4/13)  You have started holding your bottles and we have moved the straps up in your carseat.


Mom’s favorites: Your personality shines.  I adore when I laugh at you and then you laugh back flashing that gummy smile.  Every weekend is just precious spending time with you and I love to soak up every moment.

Baby items we can’t live without: Anything that you can put in your mouth….pretty much a lifesaver.

Month 5 is going to be so much fun.  We have lots of family events planned and dad has his 2nd week of vacation, so we will have some good time at home together.  Can’t wait!  We adore you, Landon and we pray that you keep up those smiles forever.



Some of our fave photos this month:







DSC_0789      DSC_0809